We Know Where Not To Make A Left Turn


Nothing is worse than being trapped in traffic, trying to make a left turn. Below are some of the worst left turns in Charlotte, and we know there are many more! We would love for you to share any that you know of. The list is never ending.

The Providence Road/South Sharon Amity Road intersection

When you’re turning onto South Sharon Amity Road toward Cotswold Shopping Center. If you miss the left turn light, you can lose up to 3 minutes for the light to cycle back to green.

The Tryon Street/Stonewall Street intersection

When you’re turning onto West Stonewall Street toward Bank of America Stadium. Pedestrians, CATS buses and taxi cabs are just some of the obstacles you will deal with when trying to make this left turn

The South Boulevard/Tremont Avenue intersection

When you’re turning onto East Tremont Avenue toward Tyber Creek Pub. Although there is a left turn lane here, there is no left turn light. Oncoming traffic is too heavy to make this turn safely.

The Euclid Avenue/East Boulevard intersection

When you’re trying to turn left onto East Boulevard toward Dilworth Commons or South Boulevard. This is where you continually get stuck behind someone trying to turn left when the person coming the opposite way is also trying to turn left. The two drivers end up stalled in the middle of the intersection and the light turns red

The I-485 exit 64A onto Pineville-Matthews Road

When you’re heading from the Ballantyne area toward CMC Pineville. This isn’t a left turn, it’s more of a fast merge into the far left lane so you can turn left again onto Park Road and get to a doctor appointment on time. It requires traversing three lanes of traffic through many angry drivers.

The South Park Drive/Fairview Road intersection

This shouldn’t even be a left turn. People are trying to turn left in front of you from both directions on Fairview anyway and how are you going to make it through four-plus lanes of traffic?

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