Top Ten Accident Sites


You would be surprised at what intersections are the most dangerous. According to the Charlotte Observer, some of the worst intersections are not always the busiest. Below are the top 10 worst intersections in Charlotte. Be careful out there!

1. Reagan Drive and Tom Hunter Road.

2. East 12th Street and North Davidson Street.

3. East 9th Street and North College Street.

4. The spider-like six-street intersection of Lawning, Miranda, Oakdale and Sunset roads. A roundabout is planned for the intersection to solve the problem.

5. North Irwin Avenue and West 5th Street. A signal is planned for the site.

6. East Sugar Creek Road, North Tryon Street and West Sugar Creek Road. This is one of the busiest intersections on the list, with an average daily traffic of 64,000 vehicles

7. Brown-Grier, Sandy Porter and West Arrowood roads.

8. Mineral Springs and Neal roads.

9. South Church and West Hill Street, West John Belk. A signal is planned.

10. Mineral Springs Road, North Graham Street and West Sugar Creek Road.

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